Engine Mount - Gil-Mar Manufacturing

Engine Mount

Engine Mount - Gil-Mar Manufacturing

Material: Extrusion Alloys

Industry Served: Automotive

Product Description:

  • 6061-T6
  • Saw cutting and CNC with robotics
  • Engine mount body
Light weighting initiative changing from a ductile iron casting to a machined aluminum extrusion.

Our customer was looking for a lighter design to replace the ductile iron mount they currently used. And we delivered, with a new, aluminum extruded part that not only provided superior performance, but delivered a total weight reduction of approximately 10 pounds.

This was a new area of expertise for us, but after several rounds of development we hit on the right design. And once the design was perfected, we had to approach the machining of the part differently, as aluminum extrusions for light weighting come with their own set of challenges. Ultimately, we deployed our design, fabrication and machining skill to deliver the product to the customer on time and on spec.